This is a fangame of Steven Universe (2013). It is fanfiction-inspired, with a large focus on story and character mixed with a crunchy RPG battle system.

The gems leave Steven for one final mission. They come back corrupted. To save them, Steven will have to face uncomfortable truths about his friends, his family, and himself.

(Rose Quartz is Rose Quartz AU, canon divergent from A Single Pale Rose)

Content warnings for body horror, self-harm, body dysphoria, claustrophobia, depictions of PTSD, and graphic descriptions of violence, including blood and injury.

Made in Twine, SugarCube, and Another RPG Engine. Music by Kasey Ozymy, used with permission; you can see more of his work on Bandcamp. Crystalline font by Arthur Reinders Folmer.

Now has a TV Tropes page!

(Steven Universe is the property of Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network. This is a non-commercial fan-based work.)

For the curious, I have included the modifications I made to the base engine to implement the game's features. I can release more detailed documentation if there is interest.


How do I access the menu?

Press the [W] key outside of a story scene. This will give you access to your inventory and equipment and allow you to view your party status.

How do I leave an area?

Use the Mobile Stone from your inventory.

There's too much clicking! How do I speed it up?

You can auto-forward through the confirm phase and the end of your turn by selecting those options through the Settings button in the sidebar. You can also click through any "Continue" buttons in battle with the [Q] key.

Known Issues

  • The game will not work in Internet Explorer due to JavaScript compatibility issues.
  • Don't refresh the page while the game is running if you can help it. The JavaScript doesn't always refresh correctly, and this can cause numerous errors.
  • The character boxes in the battle screens change positions slightly when links are clicked. I have no idea what causes this.
  • Music does not loop nicely. This is a limitation of the default audio functionality of SugarCube. I have been told there is a way to make it use WebAudio instead, which would support gapless looping, but I do not know how to do this.
  • The game uses directional arrow Unicode symbols. The game won't be unplayable if you can't display them, but I recommend getting support for them if you can.


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